10 Ways to Make Your Website more Popular

At this very moment there are billions of people that are using the internet to surf, gather some facts and information and have fun. For this reason alone there are also millions of people from all walks of life who are creating a website and one of the major reason is that they have seen the potential to expand their business to the help of the internet.

Flash Web Design: Pros And Cons

Flash is a powerful web technology that achieves a high level of visual impact from the graphical point of view. Unfortunately, it is widely misused in web design. There are still many problems with Flash, especially related to usability and search engine behaviour; we need to thoroughly understand what those problems are before we decide to use Flash for our site.

Should I use Flash in my Web Site?

Along with the impressive Flash there is also the poor Flash work, now this goes without saying that in most cases (like myself), it is always because the designer has only just started to sit down and use the program and therefore has no idea how to use it!

Is Your Web Site Too Hard?

Take the “Easy Test” to see if your website is as visitor friendly as it should be! Websites often fail to produce the desired results. This can be because visitors find them too hard to understand or navigate. Here are some potential usability problems to avoid.

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