Right direction in business development

The real advantages of our work are well thought-out and clear solutions in web design area, thorough work on advertising projects, aimed to get maximum success of your advertising in the Internet, using of the most up-to-date web technologies and, finally, efficiency, quality and reasonable cost of our services. For prompt and timely information updates on the internet sources of our clients we propose using of the administrating system which allows the Customer (PC user - Word, Excel) to make changes in the site structure, page content etc. on his own.

Works and services content:

  1. Working out of corporate site information structure in accordance with the list of sections (see below)
  2. Creation of unique web site design on the basis of corporate identity elements.
  3. Creation of navigation system and arrangement of data in the way convenient for any necessary information search on the site.
  4. Setup of the software supporting proper functioning of the site.
  5. Working out of administrating system in order to allow the Customer (PC user - Word, Excel) to do independently the next:
    - To change the site structure (structure management, menu options numbers change)
    - To manage the site pages content (possibility of information editing on the site pages). All texts can be edited with WYSIWYG editing format including possibility to manage the fonts (adding/deleting), links, images).
    - To share out access rights of the administrators to the different site pages.
  6. Initial web site filling with texts and graphics provided by the Customer.
  7. Testing of the created web site on the Customer's server or on the test server of ADWORK agency.
  8. ADWORK agency advises on administrating system of the web site functioning during 2 months after signing of the document about works performed acceptance.

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